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Douglas Companies has developed this website to be used as a valuable Customer Service tool. Our customers will be able to access our website via the internet to obtain information that they need in an efficient and quick manner. Many aspects of the website will be updated weekly to provide our customers with up to date information regarding products, services and special events.

All you are required to have to utilize our website is access to the internet. Douglas highly recommends a high speed internet connection such as DSL, cable modem, etc. A dial up modem connection will work, but website performance issues may result.

What information can I find on the Douglas Website?

You can obtain lots of helpful information on the website such as:
•    You can place your order on-line.
•    You can check the status of orders.
•    You can perform Suggested Retail Pricing maintenance on-line.
•    You can maintain order guides.
•    You can access your account balance/payment information.
•    You can check on credit(s) status.
•    You can learn about on-going promotions.
•    You can find out about new product availability.
•    You can search an on-line order guide for products.
•    You can generate usage/purchase reports by category, brand or manufacturer.
•    You can check your order history.
•    You can find contact information for Douglas Companies.
•    You can get current news regarding Douglas Companies and important industry news.

How do I get my password? Or I can't remember my password.
If you are our current customer and would like to get your password you may do so by e-mailing us at CustomerSupport@douglascomp.com or call 1-866-329-6866, ext. 121

Why do I have to logon and have a password to obtain the information I need?

To protect the privacy of your account, you must logon with your username and password on each visit.

Helpful Documents

How do I place an order?
Please click here for a document with step by step directions on how to place the different types of orders.

How can I navigate this website?
Please click here for a document that shows you a basic walkthrough of the website and it's features.

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