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Food Service Programs

Douglas Companies carries an extensive line of food service products and programs.  We have partnered with an impressive group of food service suppliers to offer our retail accounts high quality products that are affordable and are simple to execute.  Top quality products and good name brands will enable you to establish your stores as a “food destination” that consumers can rely on.  Food Service is an ever evolving and changing category.  Douglas has the Food Service staff committed to working hand-in-hand with your store to identify those programs that would work best for you and to train your staff in execution of these programs.  As we all know regarding food service, offering the right products is just the beginning.  Executing your food service program is the real challenge and Douglas’s Food Service staff is here to support you.  Douglas can work with your store on any level of food service whether it is prepared meals, heat & eat or grab & go; we have a program(s) that will suit your store and customer base.  Highlighted below are just a few of our Food Service offerings:

Roller Grill Program – “GoldStone” Grill

Douglas is excited about our Roller Grill Program, “GoldStone” Grill.  A Multi-Vendor Grill Program, our program is a Breakfast thru Lunch planogram that offers the Best Items from the Best Brands.  Excellent margins are to be made on this roller grill program.  Installation and Training are provided by the Douglas Food Service Specialist.

Champs Chicken

Champs Chicken offers the highest quality and best tasting fried chicken that keeps consumers coming back for more.  With a full assortment of nationally spec’d proprietary food ingredients, consistent food preparation, cooking and hot case holding procedures, and creative merchandising support, Champs Chicken sales and profit performances exceed industry averages.  Champs Chicken delivers all of this without any franchise fees or ongoing royalties.  You will have a dedicated Champs Chicken Territory Manager that is available to assist you in driving sales and profitability through promotion and training with store personnel.

Douglas Ice Cream Program
Douglas Companies offers an outstanding ice cream program with the best ice cream novelty brand names in the business.  We also offer ice cream in the pint and half gallon containers.  A beautiful display case will make your store the “place” for cold, sweet treats!  You will be very pleased with the margins that this program affords. 

Deli Express Sandwich Program
Douglas is proud to partner with the Leader in the pre-packaged sandwich business, Deli Express.  Deli Express has every variety in sandwiches from a cold wedge to paper-wrapped specialty sandwiches.  We will have your customer covered from breakfast to dinner with over 40 skus in stock.  Ask your Douglas Sales Representative more about the Deli Express brand.

Bakery Goods
Douglas offers an extensive line of outstanding bakery goods (thaw and serve) for the convenience store.  We have all types of muffins, pastries, cakes and cookies.  The leaders in the bakery business make our customers excellent margins.  Our brands enable our retailers to offer their customers a huge assortment of products at different price points.

Douglas Companies offers many more Food Service Programs.  Please contact our Food Service Specialist and he will be happy to come by your store for a consultation.

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