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  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Sales Representatives. We are proud at Douglas Companies to have a Sales Team made up of seasoned convenience industry professionals.  Our Sales Team each have an average of 15 years experience in the convenience industry.  Our company is committed to continuously educating our sales force on current industry programs and statistics.  Our customers can have confidence that the Douglas Team “knows their stuff” as we assist each retail outlet in order placement, merchandising support and category management.
  • Effective Manufacturer Programs.  Douglas Companies has outstanding relationships with the leading manufacturers in the convenience industry.  We work hand-in-hand with our vendors to provide our customers with the best programs, promotions and product mix in the business.  Douglas provides the leading convenience rack and accrual programs to all of our accounts.  Douglas is a “promotion warehouse” with continual promotional offerings from the best vendors in the business.
  • Food Service Programs.  Douglas has continued to grow our Food Service offerings over the last several years.  We have one of the leading Coffee Programs in the convenience category, Java Classics.  Our beverage program has two strong players in the frozen category, we have an outstanding ice-cream program, sandwich program, milk program, roller grill program, chicken program and much more.  Our customers have confidence in our brands and in our Food Service team. 
  • Proven Delivery Team.  Douglas Companies has an outstanding Delivery Team that delivers your products to your store in a timely and efficient manner…continuously.  Our Delivery Team receives “rave reviews” from our customers for their professionalism and helpfulness.  We are proud of the job we do in this aspect of our business. 
  • Reliable Ordering.  Our company has invested both monetarily and in our people over the last several years to provide the most effective and efficient ordering systems in the industry.  Customers may place their orders by several different means including two versions of the Opticon “MOBI”, a scan system than enables our customers to order by scanning UPC code, shelf labels or order guides.  These units display valuable information for our customers such as item detail, item status, cost, SRP, discontinued items, substitute items, order totals available and future orders.  Douglas customers enthusiastically praise the MOBI order systems saying that this order system has cut their order time in half while improving the efficiency and accuracy of their orders.  Douglas customers may also place orders on-line through the Douglas website. 
  • Order Accuracy.   We are proud at Douglas for our Outstanding Order Accuracy.  Our warehouse boasts the most advanced order selection technology in the business that insures that all orders are verified and accurate.  We strive every day to be a distributor that you can count on to deliver the product that you ordered!
  • Full-Time Merchandising Team.   The Douglas Merchandising Team is the BEST in the convenience business.  We receive constant praise and appreciation for the outstanding job that this department does for the Douglas customer.  They will assist you in store layout and design.  When our Merchandising Team leaves your store, you will be proud of how GREAT your store looks!
  • Plan-O-Grams.  Douglas Companies has extensive plan-o-gram capabilities for every size and style of store.  Updated annually using Douglas’s and your local region’s item movement history, our plan-o-grams insure that you will have the products that your customers are looking for and will insure that your store is in compliance with manufacturer retail programs.  Our Merchandising Team will use these rack and in-line plan-o-grams to maximize your shelf space.
  • Annual Trade Show.  Our annual trade show is held every April in Little Rock.  Our “Biggest Sales Day of the Year”, this is an event that you will not want to miss!  With over 100 vendors represented, our trade show serves as a wonderful opportunity for retailers to meet face- to -face with the leading manufacturers in the tobacco and snack industry; and of course, the deepest DEALS of the year are to be had on this fun and exciting day.
  • Annual Trip Program.  The Douglas Companies is proud to offer an annual Sales and Marketing Program, “Passport to Adventure.”  This very popular program provides the chance for our customers to win an all-inclusive paid “trip of a lifetime” to a beautiful destination.  Ask your Douglas Sales Representative for information regarding this program.
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